Monday, June 14, 2010


Mumpkins: a term used recently in the LJ gardening community to describe a strange hybrid of a melon and pumpkin that accidently happened due to cross pollination.

The commenter suggested that the pumpkins and melons were close enough to cross pollinate. The outside looks like a pumpkin; the first inch of flesh looks like pumpkin; the rest of the innards look and taste like honeydew. The result: longer lasting melons. Sounds delicious!

I want to intentionally plant my cantaloupe and pumpkin next to each other next year, provided that the pumpkins will survive (unlike this year. I wonder if I still have time to plant some more seeds.).However, the result may be a cantaloupe-shaped melon with pumpkin inside. I think I'd still be okay with that!

My other thought: the zucchini plants aren't too far from the cantaloupe (or what I'm assuming to be cantaloupe plants). I wonder if these will cross-pollenate.

I love gardening and the wonders of growing my own food.

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